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Becoming Leonidas

I like candy and spooky stuff, so it makes sense that Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. Even so, I've never really gone all out when making a costume. Many I cobbled together at the last minute; Zombie-Pirate Elvis comes to mind. One of my friends makes the best costumes and consistently puts me to shame by cutting, sewing, painting, grinding, and sculpting custom latex molds, for months in advance. She's the queen of Halloween. This year, it's time to meet the king .

You expected a picture of the Burger King guy, didn't you? That hurts. While I could just drop eight hundred dollars on one of these beauties and call it a day, that just feels like cheating.  So, the plan consists of four parts:

  1. Make all of my gear, learning to blacksmith along the way.
  2. Get in the best shape I've ever been in x10.
  3. Wax my chest.
  4. Prepare lots of witty comebacks.

For step two, I will attempt to recreate the results claimed by Tim Ferriss here. The 30 day trial concept has always resonated with me as an interesting approach to behavior modification. So, for 30 days I will follow, as faithfully as possible, Ferriss' high intensity training, specialized diet, and supplementation regimen. Hopefully, at the end of a month I'll be a good deal closer to a proper Halloween costume, while having established a disciplined diet and exercise habit along the way.

The experiment begins today, so keep an eye out for my vitals, meal plans, and workouts as well as updates as the month progresses.